branded merchandise

Narrow Minded... and Proud of it!

You know you need to do something to promote your company, but you're not sure what that should be. You don't want an endless assortment of options, you want the right product at the right price for your specific audience.

Edventure Promotions knows the promotional products that people like to buy, and just as importantly, why they like to buy them. By identifying the right product categories and the right price points, we produce branded merchandise that produces positive reactions, starts conversations and enhances your brand. Start shopping on your own HERE.

increased business

Because Hope is Not a F*&$%#@ Strategy!

Do you want to be remembered or get a new customer? When working to get a new business, giving your logo away without asking anything from the recipient in return is a zero sum game. Edventure Promotions call-to-action campaigns deepen engagement, deliver ROO (Return on Objective) and drive sales.

Hook even more big fish with Edventure's TRADESHOW-BAIT program!


branded apparel

The Right Clothing for Any Occasion

When you work with Edventure promotions, you receive best-in-class promotional expertise, and a good deal more. After all, we've been curating clothing styles, fabrics, and logo treatment together for years, so you can rest easy knowing every product will look high-prices and professional. Start shopping on your own HERE


developed products

Turning Imagination Into Reality

Where do you turn when you need a promotional product designed to meet your specifications? Faced with the dilemma, CNO asked us to design a board that would easily enable them to track sales performance. We commisioned a manufacturer in China to develop a magnetic "brag board" according to our specs. Having never previously existed in our industry, the final version rewarded special magnets to salespeople after reaching certain milestones.

hosted e-commerce

No Inventory. No minimums. No problems.

Does your store integrate seamlessly with your site? Is it serving your interests? Edventure Promotions designs and delivers cloud-based platforms that we host and maintain, with no inventory, and no minimums, clients can change product styles, logos, colors, even brands, on demand.

packaged & fulfilled

End-to-End Without Going Round and Round

Having overseen numerous client fulfillment projects, you'll rest easy with EP serving as the key link in your supply chain.